Copenhagen Psych Fest 2016: Concert Photos
Featured Days 1-4

Photography from Copenhagen Psych Fest 2016 by Tom Gilmore.  ()  ()  ()

Photography from Copenhagen Psych Fest by Tom Gilmore. Featured bands in gallery include Spectrum, Moon Duo, Black Mountain, The Soft Moon, The Orange Revival, Les Big Byrd, The Janitors, Tales Of Murder And Dust, SEKEL, Polyfeen, The Setting Son, Julie’s Haircut, Endless Boogie, The Low Frequency in Stereo, Deadpan Interference, Our Solar System – Vårt Solsystem, Papir, De Underjordiske, CHILDRENN, Lejonsläktet, Suns of Thyme, Red Lama, Flowers Must Die, Dead Vibrations, Yung, Fribytterdrømme, Black Lizard, Agusa, Tross, Skeppet, Electric Orange, TAU

For more photos dig deeper into individual sets from the other days [links below].

Photos by Tom Gilmore