The Boston Chain #2: Joseph
From Clinic to Kurt Vile

“The Chain” is a musical conversation where each week our guest “Linker” chooses a new song in response to the previous song.
This week’s Linker: Joseph

Our new series “The Chain” is inspired by how sharing music often turns into a conversation. Someone plays one song. That inspires someone else to play a different song, which inspires another and another, creating a chain of connections along the way. Each week on “The Chain” we’ll be asking a different band to serve as the “Linker” and they’ll select a new song in response to the previous one. There are no limitations as to how or why they make their choice. Although “The Chain” begins with the obvious, where we’ll go from there is unknown…

Last time on “The Boston Chain” On an On took us from Fleetwood Mac to Clinic. Now we have Joseph to take us on the next step of our journey. Read their response to the Clinic song and listen to their song choice. Also, be sure to check out some of their own music and catch them if you can on Saturday at Cafe 939 in Boston.

Song #1: Clinic – “Goodnight Georgia”

The Linker: Joseph

Natalie from Joseph: Wow. I’m sitting in the airport baggage claim listening to that Clinic song. Never heard it before and it immediately takes me here: 1:30am. Back deck of a bar on a muggy Tennessee summer night, cigarette smoke billowing from brooding 5 o’clock-shadowed faces. Low lights flickering, the sharp amber taste of hops, the occasional slap of a mosquito. It makes me feel the same way as this Kurt Vile song I can’t stop listening to on night drives. I haven’t spent any time thinking about the lyrics yet but it takes me somewhere.

Song #2: Kurt Vile – “Blackberry Song”

Portland, OR
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