Hello Ninja: Concert Recap and Photos
T.T. the Bear's - Feb 24, 2010

Hello Ninja at TT The Bear’s in Cambridge  MA  on 2010-2-24 (Concert Photo by Yifan Luo)
Image: Yifan Luo
Cassavettes, Hello Ninja, and Twin Thousands
Wednesday, February 24 at TT The Bear’s

If the 50s and 80s got together to throw a house party, Hello Ninja would surely get an invite to play.  And they would do it in the garage, of course…on a trampoline.

With a lot of personality and a penchant for fun, Hello Ninja shone at T.T. the Bear’s last Wednesday as the second of three bands presented by Ryan’s Smashing Life.  Sporting punk-rock T-shirts, metallic dresses, and a sweaty bare chest (in drummer Anthony Geehan’s case), Hello Ninja never stayed still as they rocked around the stage and danced briefly among the energized crowd.  The band’s guitar-driven songs were reminiscent of sock hops and rockabilly, while vocalist Cat Basile’s sexy voice and flamboyant style dripped of 1980s-style pop and soul.  Singing a variety of originals and covers, including a mash-up of The Clash’s “Straight to Hell” and M.I.A’s “Paper Planes”, Hello Ninja brought spunk and vivacity to their live set.  If you have never heard of them before or have only listened to a few of their tracks online, make plans to see them live and you’ll be in for a surprise.  A good one.

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Photos by Yifan Luo

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