Dirty Dishes: Concert Recap and Photos
Church - Feb 21, 2010

Dirty Dishes (Press Photo by Liz Klehm)
Image: Liz Klehm
Ill Ease, Emily Peal, Dirty Dishes, and Self Assembly
Sunday, February 21 at Church

Looking ever-so ethereal under the cast of the stage’s red lights, The Dirty Dishes brought their October release, In the Clouds, to life this past weekend at Church.

Mellow and calm in demeanor, the foursome delivered their brand of distorted, layered alternative to a modest crowd looking to make the most of their Sunday night.  With Mike Thomas’s steady drumbeat behind her, singer/guitarist Jenny Tuite’s siren-like voice mesmerized even the most hesitant audience members, leading the room into a dreamy, trance-like state that didn’t let up until the very last note.

If you’re willing to let yourself become absorbed in a sea of experimental, brooding rock that will leave your head slightly swooning and your body undoubtedly swaying, add The Dirty Dishes to your list of Boston bands to see. You can catch them back at Church on March 9 before they head out to play South by Southwest.
 In the meantime, enjoy photos and take a walk In the Clouds.

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Photos by Yifan Luo

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