We’re a nonprofit and do not have the resources to accept unsolicited emails except in cases noted below.

Then how do you decide which bands to cover?

All of our coverage grows out of live music happening in the Greater Boston Area and the San Francisco Bay Area. In determining which bands to cover, our mission is to listen to every band that’s performing each week, not just the bands that can afford a publicist, have a label pushing them, or are being buzzed about by other music sites. And towards that goal, since Foundwaves started 5 years ago we’ve listened to over 20,000 bands! Currently we listen to every band playing at the below venues (generally over 350+ bands/week, seriously!), so unless you’ve made your music impossibly difficult to find, we have already listened to it or will be listening to it in advance of the show.

If we decide we want to cover your band, we will reach out to you directly.

How can we ensure Foundwaves considers our band for coverage?

  • Confirm the venue has your correct website listed on its calendar. Some venues in town don’t include band websites (which is incredibly foolish on their part), but don’t worry, we’ll find your website if they don’t. That said, if the venue you’re playing at is one of these offenders, it would be worth it to put pressure on them to add some way for visitors to hear your band. They (and you) are losing a lot in potential ticket sales by making it so difficult for music fans to find out about new bands.
  • Please make sure to have streaming music easily and quickly accessible on Facebook or your web page. Include links to all of your websites (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Youtube, Reverbnation, etc) on Facebook, and vice versa where practical.
  • And finally, please list a contact email address on all your websites. In the past, we’ve sometimes had to skip covering a band since we couldn’t find any direct way to reach them.

Are there exceptions when you will review unsolicited emails?

Our music editors (who make coverage decisions) do not monitor our email account, so if you send an unsolicited email about a show happening at one of the below venues, about a record release, a new video, a song, etc… it will be deleted without being opened.

However, if you send an email about a show that is at a venue not on the below list, it will be passed on to the music editors. Also, if you are communicating about an idea, a collaboration, a festival, etc, that isn’t about promoting a single band, the email will be forwarded to the appropriate party. Please don’t abuse this system. When we’re inundated with emails it means legitimate correspondence sometimes gets missed and that hurts everyone.

We already listen to all bands performing at these venues:

Armory Cafe
Atwood’s Tavern
Berklee Performance Center
Bloc 11
Boston Opera House
Brighton Music Hall
Bull McCabe’s
Cafe 939
Cantab Lounge
Charlie’s Kitchen
Club Bohemia
Club Passim
Cuisine En Locale
Enormous Room
Gallery 263
Great Scott
House of Blues
Johnny D’s
Lily Pad
Lizard Lounge
MFA Middle East Downstairs
Middle East Upstairs
Middlesex Lounge
Midway Cafe
Milky Way
Orpheum Theater
PA’s Lounge
Plough and Stars
Redstar Union
Regatta Bar
Sander’s Theatre
Somerville Theater
TT The Bear’s

SF Bay Area
Awaken Cafe
Bottom of the Hill
Brick & Mortar Music Hall
Cafe du Nord
California Academy of Sciences
Elbo Room
El Rio
Great American Music Hall
Hemlock Tavern
Hotel Utah Saloon
Make-out Room
Milk Bar
Neck of the Woods
Public Works
Rickshaw Stop
Stern Grove
Stork Club
The Chapel
The Crepe Place
The Fillmore
The Fox Theatre
The Independent
The New Parish
The Night Light
Thee Parkside
Uptown Nightclub

Email Guidelines

If your show is not at one of the above venues, please first consider the following before contacting us:
  • We generally cover indie, rock, alternative, and electronica genres with occasional coverage of other genres.  You can listen to the range of artists we have previously covered here.  We have a small team of volunteers and ask that you are considerate of our time and not submit unless you feel your music fits into what we normally cover.
When emailing us, please use the following format:
  • Please send email as text – no embedded photos or fancy HTML please.
  • Start the email subject with the code FWSub, followed by the name of the band or bands and an indication of what it is you’re hoping to have covered (e.g. FWSub: The Example Band at Example Venue on January 1). The “FWSub” prefix helps us filter legitimate correspondence. Please don’t abuse this. Periodically we’ll change the code, so please rereview this page each time prior to sending unsolicited emails
  • Please keep your cover note extremely brief.  We make decisions based on how the music sounds and whether or not it is something our readers will be interested in listening to. We don’t need your bio, press quotes, etc..
  • Include one-click links to where we can stream your music (e.g. Facebook music page, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, embedded player on your website, etc)
  • If available, please include one-click links to any music videos you’re promoting
  • If available, please include one-click links to your press photo(s).
  • Let us know if you can provide some merchandise that we can give away to our fans.
  • Let us know if you can give us 1 or 2 guest list slots to your upcoming show.
The bottom line is that the easier you make it for us, the more likely we will be able to cover you. Once you are ready to make a submission, please send it to