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We Barbarians: Concert Recap and Photos
Middle East Downstairs - Aug 05, 2010

Even after a truly aerobic 10-song set,  We Barbarians’ lead singer David Quon remained gracious, squatting at the edge of the Middle East Downstairs’ stage to shake outstretched hands. At the sold-out show on Thursday, August 5th, We Barbarians treated every phrase, song, and juncture with devotion and care…

Maps and Atlases: Concert Recap, Photos, and Video
Middle East Upstairs - Aug 11, 2010

Dave Davison plops onto his knees to tune his guitar, putting him at eye level with a cluster pressed against the protective perimeter of speakers.  “Who do you like, the Cubs or the Sox?” an eager onlooker half shouts at Davison, the impressively bearded frontman of Chicago-based Maps & Atlases.   “Well, that’s a good question,” he responds…

Warpaint: Concert Preview
Great Scott - Aug 15, 2010

It was her birthday and Warpaint was turning seven. She had circled the date on the refrigerator calendar hoping her mother would see the red mark and wonder, then remember. But the day ended with nothing but the leftover hors d’oeuvres her mother had re-heated for lunch…

Real Estate: Concert Recap and Photos
Harpers Ferry - Jul 23, 2010

The lengthy mic check was time enough to fully grasp Real Estate as a physical entity. Back slouched in feeble surrender, Singer-guitarist Martin Courtney shyly tucked his mid-length shag behind his ears. “Check, check, check.” In the background, percussionist Etienne Duguay lumbered back and forth, long legs billowing formal pants…

Doomstar!: Concert Preview
TT The Bear's - Jul 29, 2010

(TT The Bear’s: 07.29.2010)
Not much can be remembered except that everything was tie-dye – the sky, the sand, the cacti. Doomstar!’s dreamscape steams, warping everything into neon reverberations, but there lingers an uneasy sense that those pleasing highlighter-pink harmonies might be describing a nightmare…

Mountain Man: Concert Recap and Photos
TT The Bear's - Jul 13, 2010

Dressed to their personality, the trio of Bennington College students stood with grace, softly lit with an angelic glow. Quietly captivated, the audience gathered close to behold their presence. And as a heavy dance beat seeped through TT’s from next door, the crowd stepped towards the light evermore…

Die Antwoord: Concert Preview
Royale - Jul 22, 2010

(Royale: 07.22.2010)
Through scrap-metal mazes, Die Antwoord absconds from the scene of verbal murder. The night cocoons the team in woolly shadows as they chant oaths to forever stick together, to break the chains of poverty, to be an infamous somebody…

Real Estate: Concert Preview
Harpers Ferry - Jul 23, 2010

(Harpers Ferry: 07.23.2010)
Real Estate frees those parcels of letters past, left in a prison of twine for year after year after dusty year. The handwritten time-capsules inhale upon release, finally able to relax their crinkled strain. With Real Estate’s languid melodies, recollections of summer pines, Easter dresses, and freckled smiles breathe again, only this time in the world of thought…

Why?: Concert Recap and Photos
Middle East Downstairs - Jul 12, 2010

He wore a fro-hawk, thick glasses à la Milton Waddams of “Office Space,” and a t-shirt with the word “lamb.” He crowd-surfed, gouged imaginary (eye)balls and paced diagonally like a rabid Velociraptor. And while Yoni Wolf of Why? appeared unconventional on-stage at Middle East Downstairs, his unnatural performance made natural sense in tandem with the idiosyncratic music…