Road Trip Playlists: Reptar

On “Road Trip Playists” we ask touring bands for a playlist of the songs that have been on the heaviest rotation on their trip so far.  ()  ()  ()
Reptar (Press Photo)
Reptar and
Friday, April 24 at The Independent

On “Road Trip Playists” we ask touring bands for a playlist of the songs that have been on the heaviest rotation on their trip so far.

Check out Reptar’s Road Trip Playlist, listen to some of their own music below, and catch them if you can on Friday when they headline at The Independent in San Francisco.

The Reptar’s Road Trip Playlist

Andrew from Reptar breaks down the playlist:

1. "Climb on the Grassland" by Chris Weisman
Chris is a pop outsider mastermind from Brattleboro, VT. I love how beautiful and uninhibited all of his songs are.

2. "Mushroom" by CAN
I really just wanted to put CAN, implying their entire discography. But in the event of having to choose, I do love Mushroom.

3. "Retenir" by Brian McBride
We listen to a ton of ambient music in the van. Really anything associated with Brian McBride is excellent "I’ve been staring out the window for how many hours?" music.

4. "Hi E" by The Dream Scene
The Dream Scene is the moniker of our friend Javier in Athens, GA. He’s a genius, that is all.

5. "Happy Feelin’" by Earth, Wind and Fire
This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has heard Reptar.

6. "Barnowl" by Caribou
We played next door to Caribou in Minneapolis a couple weeks ago which prompted us to jam this the next day. I don’t think there is any better driving music.

7. "Pink Flag" by WIRE
We got compared to WIRE in Savannah GA a while back which was easily one of the most flattering comparisons I think we’ve ever gotten. WIRE pretty much rules.

8. "Wild Heart" by Stevie Nicks
I’m sort of obligated to include this. Graham, specifically, has had this song on repeat fooooooor about a week now.

9. "I Love You Always Forever" by Donna Lewis
I mean, this is just a great song.

10. "Dissolver" by Squarepusher
Dissolver is off Squarepusher’s Music for Robots album which
was introduced to me by William as "fucking batshit insane". This song in particular showcases some of the further stretches of the record.

11. "Hybrid Moments" by Misfits
Sort of a funny song to immediately spark an inevitable singalong, but ya know. Also always leads to at least half an hours worth of stories about Danzig.

Athens, GA
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